Sexual Harassment Training

About and Some of Our Customers. is the leader in Sexual Harassment Training and Certification and our mission is to make sexual harassment training and compliance fast, easy, and painless. We specialize in helping individuals and small to midsize organizations get sexual harassment compliant in the most affordable, fastest, and easiest way possible.

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Other Trainings Available


Diversity Inclusion Training

Employers can create a happy and thriving workplace for everyone by embracing diversity, inclusion and equity and eliminating discrimination, harassment and bullying.


HR Training

Human resources and workplace training and compliance including sexual harassment and diversity, hazmat, customer service, safety training, management training, etc.

HIPAA Training

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and is a U.S. federal law enacted in 1996 as an attempt at incremental healthcare reform. HIPAA establishes standards and safeguards to protect the privacy and security of patient health information.


OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Training and compliance for the U.S. OSHA Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) which protects workers against the health hazards from exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials.


Fraud Waste and Abuse Training

Training and compliance for the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services's fraud, waste, and abuse requirement which focuses on eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare/Medicaid healthcare system.

medical ethics training

Medical Ethics Training

Medical ethics provides a set of guiding principles that serve as the foundation for all medical care and are used by healthcare professionals and researchers to guide them in making the difficult decisions required of them every day.

hazard communications training

OSHA Hazard Communications Training

Training and compliance for the U.S. OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) which specifies that when hazardous chemicals are present in the workplace, employees have a right to know about the risks involved with storing and handling such substances.


Infection Controls Training

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are among the most common complications of healthcare services worldwide. This training address ways to prevent and control the spread of healthcare associated infections in healthcare facilities.