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What Behaviors Constitute Sexual Harassment?

Posted on January 28, 2019 by Josh B.

Sexual harassment is a big tent under which many different words and actions can be grouped. Sexual harassment can include:

  • making sexually suggestive comments;
  • telling stories or jokes that are sexual in nature;
  • leering at a person;
  • making obscene gestures;
  • viewing or displaying explicit videos, photos, or websites;
  • wearing clothing with suggestive words or images;
  • flirting in a way that is inappropriate or suggestive or that makes the other person uncomfortable;
  • touching or threatening to touch another person in an aggressive or suggestive way;
  • asking for details about a colleague's personal life;
  • volunteering details about one's own personal life;
  • giving massages, even if the touching is limited to the area of the neck and shoulders;
  • engaging in sexual acts, even if the acts are consensual; and
  • nonconsensual sexual assault.

It is important to remember that the above list represents some of the most common forms of sexual harassment, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. A person's individual encounters with sexual harassment can vary greatly from those experienced by someone else.

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